Alison J. Harris



WiFi Hotspots for Checkout?

NYPL and Chicago Public Library just recently started a Wi-Fi hotspot checkout service for customers. An article from Library Journal gives a lot more detail about the program and it’s impact on the community. So many people mistakenly think that with the plethora of electronics available most people are regularly connected in some way to the online community. In actuality,….

June 28, 2014 , Comment

FLA Conference 2014

With the exception of completely losing my voice, I really enjoyed this year’s FLA Conference. It’s always exciting to see what other professionals all across the state are trying now in their own area. I also enjoyed both the opening and closing keynote speakers for this conference. Creating Social Media Customer Service Excellence, presented by Andrew Sanderbeck, agreed with a….

May 10, 2014 , Comment

Archiving & Preservation in Social Media

Nearly a year ago, I started researching my family’s history. Anyone who has done this will know that it can be a challenging task. Sometimes there are so few resources and original documents available that fellow genealogists have to painstakingly piece together parts of their tree over a span of years. I have often imagined what genealogy will be like….

April 23, 2014 , Comment

Social Media in Education

It’s common for educators to use new technologies for instruction and social media is no exception. Using a blogging platform to discuss class material each week is even a great example of this. There are many advantages to using SNSs in the classroom, including the ability to collaborate and create a sense of community. Ercan Top discusses this in the….

April 12, 2014 , Comment

Content Nation

I’ve always felt that marketing and social media go hand-and-hand, but the material I have read this week have make me question the closeness of this relationship. John Blossom’s book Content Nation gives readers an excellent discussion of how social media has effectively changed how society communicates. He mentions the “democratization” of social media (a direct effect of Web 2.0 technology), making….

March 8, 2014 , Comment