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I’ve always felt that marketing and social media go hand-and-hand, but the material I have read this week have make me question the closeness of this relationship. John Blossom’s book Content Nation gives readers an excellent discussion of how social media has effectively changed how society communicates. He mentions the “democratization” of social media (a direct effect of Web 2.0 technology), making anyone with Internet access a content publisher. Not only does the author discuss the history of this transformation (I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers Star Wars kid), but also he presents various developments in social media with well-known examples like TechCrunch and Craigslist.

Whereas Blossom discusses marketing with social media in a somewhat impartial tone, Ewan Morrison’s article in The Guardian criticizes social media outright, especially concerning online self-publishing. I have seldom heard of any downsides to using social media for marketing, but I do not believe social media is all you need to sell a million copies of a book. Also, a magic 80/20 formula for marketing and writing certainly sounds extreme.

Reading this information and looking at the statistics makes me wonder how successful social media marketing is for libraries. Many often speculate how many people are actually listening to libraries online, but I still believe it is important to use all tools available to reach your community.

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March 8, 2014 , Comment

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