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eBooks in 3-Clicks or Less?

American Libraries recently featured a blog article about the New York Public Library’s project, Library Simplified. Library Simplified is a great new project to streamline the process for library users to download eBooks.

While helping library customers download content from digital resources like OverDrive, I often empathize with the frustration they have with multiple services that all require a different set of steps. In fact, the article discusses the testing done on the number of steps needed to set up and access NYPL eBook collection, which turned out to be around an (unsurprisingly) 19. Library Simplified seeks to create a way for customers to discover, borrow, and read digital content in only a three step process.

The article does ask, “Does this sound like science fiction?”, but I’ve always felt that the consolidation of electronic resources into one searchable catalog was a logical progression of technology. I’m excited to see how the results of the project turn out in September, at the end of the IMLS grant.

Interestingly, the grant is actually used to fund the full-time position of Product Owner (PO) for the Library Reading Experience, a non library user design expert who leads a technical team in collaboration with NYPL to develop the project.

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February 21, 2015 , Comment

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