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Omeka is an open-source software platform of digital archives and collections is compliant with Dublin-core standards favored by libraries and museums.

Out of all of the open source digital library software available, Omeka is by far the one that works the best “out of the box”. Libraries can choose to use to include hosting packages along with the software for free (at only 500MB of space) or for a subscription fee.

In addition to this option, libraries can have more control and freedom by hosting their own digital collection using software. Very similar to how content management systems like function, software has an easy installation available that allows library staff to start uploading content in minutes. Also, the interface for users is very straightforward and intuitive.

My experience was very enjoyable using the software for my final Digital Library Project. With prior experience using content management systems and setting up web space, it was easy for me to become familiar with the software and quickly focus on quality content and metadata. In addition to this, the variety of plugins available made customizing my digital library very easy. I was also impressed with the showcase of digital libraries around the world, including the Florida Memory Project. Open source software has a lot of benefits for libraries, especially during times of budgetary issues. Check out the video to learn a little more about how Omeka software works.

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