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Instructional Material – Basic Web Design

This class is coming soon! As of February 2015, I am currently designing a series of digital literacy classes that would introduce adults and teens to the basics of web design. These classes, planned as four 1.5 hour increments, would cover choosing a web hosting company and domain name as well as teaching basic HTML5 elements and styling using CSS3…..

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Instructional Material –

Several customers who visited the library in the Tampa area expressed a desire to create content online. It’s not surprising, since the possibilities of communicating with others and sharing your thoughts worldwide is one of the most amazing changes brought on by the growth of the internet and web 2.0 technology. In addition to this, small business entrepreneurs are continuously….

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Marketing Video for Library Programs & Resources

As mentioned in my previous blog post, my library recently experienced an interior redesign that incorporated a new collaborative community space, including media:scapes for customer use. I saw this new technology equipment as a way to foster collaboration in the community, but also as a way to feature upcoming programs and digital resources available to customers. Consequently, I created media….

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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy was originally composed for the course Teaching Information Literacy in the fall of 2013, but has since helped me enrich my teaching environment and focus professionally. My most fulfilling memories in life have always involved helping people, whether it was family, friends, or even strangers on the street.  Throughout my experiences growing up in a small town,….

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Research Project – Social Media Usage in Public Libraries

This research project was the major assignment for the course Social Media for Information Professionals. The assignment was designed to allow students to pursue a deeper understanding of a particular topic related to social media that he or she has always wanted to investigate.  The project consisted of a formal research proposal, project execution and data collection, a research paper….

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Marketing Plan

For the course Adult Services in the fall of 2014, students were asked to develop a marketing plan for a library system or individual program requiring the same basic marketing steps: Examine the mission plan or purpose of the organization. Most libraries develop strategic plans that include a mission and vision statement as well as goals. Assess the library’s capabilities….

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