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Social Media in Education

It’s common for educators to use new technologies for instruction and social media is no exception. Using a blogging platform to discuss class material each week is even a great example of this. There are many advantages to using SNSs in the classroom, including the ability to collaborate and create a sense of community. Ercan Top discusses this in the article “Blogging as a social medium in undergraduate courses: Sense of community best predictor of perceived learning” and brings up a good point regarding technology skills. SNSs in the classroom have the added benefit of teaching digital literacy in addition to course related concepts. It would be interesting to see the results of a study focusing on the use of SNSs in other subjects, such as English literature or mathematics.

Another article published in The Internet in Higher Education surprised me by stating that teachers are reluctant to adopt new technology. In my experiences, many teachers are eager to try new tools available more often than not. I can perceive how teachers belonging to older generations may be hesitant, however this typecast is commonly flipped around or non-existent.

Blogging in the 21st-Century Classroom discusses the advantages of blogging for high school students. Reading the article really makes me wish I had teachers in high school that used blogs in their assignments.  I hadn’t even considered quieter students having the ability to really voice their opinions using a blogging platform. Also, the informal nature of blogging lessens the stress of writing for many students (my self included). Perhaps one day I will have the ability to utilize blogging for instruction in my position.

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