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  Omeka is an open-source software platform of digital archives and collections is compliant with Dublin-core standards favored by libraries and museums. Out of all of the open source digital library software available, Omeka is by far the one that works the best “out of the box”. Libraries can choose to use to include hosting packages along with the….

December 10, 2014 , Comment

Digital Libraries & Net Neutrality

One of the most pressing issues I’ve encountered learning about digital libraries and the dissemination of scholarly information is net neutrality. According to ALA, net neutrality is: The concept of online non-discrimination. It is the principle that consumers/citizens should be free to get access to – or to provide – the Internet content and services they wish, and that consumer….

November 2, 2014 , Comment

Open Access in Digital Librarianship

Reading about and discussing digital scholarship in my Digital Libraries course, I’ve learned a lot about the concept of open access. According to the JISC Committee for Support of Research, open access research literature is: composed of free, online copies of peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers as well as technical reports, theses and working papers Typically, there are no….

October 10, 2014 , Comment